Capricorn Horoscope (Nov 22, 2021 – Nov 28, 2021)

Your week begins with serious conversations about finances and resources when communication planet Mercury enters Leo and your intimacy zone on Tuesday. The idea of combining resources with someone to ease financial stress could be tempting. Think of a solid plan to make it happen. Use your words wisely as you make these big changes.

Thursday brings a case of wanderlust when Mars enters Virgo and your philosophy zone. For the next six weeks, you’ll have the drive and the passion to explore the world and learn something new, so start planning a trip or adventure for yourself.

The week ends on a productive note when Ceres enters Gemini and your habit zone on Saturday. You are feeling extra motivated to get to work and mark things off your to-do list. However, remember to schedule in self-care so you don’t burn out, Capricorn.

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