Gemini Horoscope (Nov 22, 2021 – Nov 28, 2021)

Be prepared to spill some serious tea when your ruler Mercury enters Leo and your communication zone on Tuesday. This can make your already sizzling wit extra hot as your curiosity seeks out good gossip. However, while you’ll be the master of the snarky comebacks, be careful. Some of that tea could be spilled on you.

Get ready to do some summer cleaning when Mars enters Virgo and your home zone on Thursday. You could suddenly have the urge to take care of your space (cleaning and organizing) and clear out the clutter, but don’t stop there, Gemini. It’s also a good time to take care of your family life as well and get rid of some baggage there too.

Saturday means self-care when Ceres enters your sign, bringing healing energy to your life. Take care of yourself and you’ll be calmer, more productive, and ready to take on the world.

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