Libra Horoscope (Nov 22, 2021 – Nov 28, 2021)

Tuesday brings out your social butterfly when Mercury enters Leo and your friendship zone. For the next two weeks, enjoy hanging out with friends, meeting new people, and finding ways to make your dreams come true. Take time to learn about social causes and learn how to use your voice to fight for justice and help others.

Things get intense when warrior Mars enters Leo and your privacy zone on Thursday. This could bring up a lot of unresolved anger issues you’ve been internalizing. Healing will need to be done in private as you search for peace and self-acceptance or you could hurt yourself. Take it slowly, Libra.

Expand your emotional and intellectual horizons when Ceres enters Gemini and your philosophy zone on Saturday. You’ll discover that there’s comfort in traveling and questioning your long-held beliefs. It’s okay to admit when you’re wrong, we promise!

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