Bakhtawar Episode-11 Review: Bakhtawar should have left that super-toxic neighbourhood

Hooriya orders for the release of Sheeda from police custody.

Bakhtawar Episode-11 Review – HUM TV drama serial Bakhtawar is going strong in terms of its story and it’s also trending on YouTube. Yumna Zaidi has given a stellar performance as Bakhtawar and Bakhtoo. Even it is Zaviyar’s best performance to date. In the previous episode, we have seen that Bakhtawar survives an acid attack. In this episode, it is shown that Police arrest Sheeda but then later release him on Hooriya’s orders now Bakhtawar’s life is in danger.

Police arrested Sheeda and his mother created a lot of fuss in the neighborhood. Bakhtawar instantly feels relieved after watching Sheeda getting into police custody. Bakhtawar from a random neighbor calls Malik Dilawar to thank him for making Sheeda’s arrest possible. She further requests him not to let him free from Police custody as her life is in danger.

Well one thing is not making any sense why now Bakhtawar is not thinking about moving to another place as her life is really in danger and since when Sheeda is in Police custody it is high time for her to shift to a safer place and to a less toxic neighborhood. Why after getting such serious threats from Sheeda she is still so calm? Bakhtawar feels like she is safe but she really needs to do something.

Hooriya on the other hand is getting way too suspicious, her behavior sometimes looks quite unreal. Her thinking of Bakhtoo and Malik Dilawar’s relationship as a suspicious one is quite a stretch. Hooriya comes to know that Malik Dilawar is taking a keen interest in the Shahana acid attack case which is making her even more anxious. She even asks Malik Dilawar to join hands with her in this case which we fail to understand why he declined. Hooriya is now taking this on a personal level as a matter of her ego. She is now rivaling him in this case.

Malik Dialwar ordered Sheeda’s arrest here I want to appreciate Sunil Shankar’s performance I think he has done an amazing job in doing the role of Sheeda. Sheeda does not confess his crime and Police have not gotten any proof against him. Hooriya orders Sheeda’s release as she wants to oppose Dilawar. Sheeda is back and with his return, we are fearing for Bakhtawar’s life. He will harm her as he had threatened her. Bakhtawar should have escaped from that super-toxic neighbourhood as soon as possible. Sheeda can go to any length to harm her.

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