Cancer Weekly Horoscope

Oct 3, 2022 – Oct 9, 2022 – October is a month of serious commitments, starting with Vesta moving forward in your intimacy zone on Wednesday. This asteroid encourages you to create a support network that can assist you in every way. Allow yourself to lean on people, Cancer.

Especially as you’ll be focusing on relationships a lot when Pluto moves forward in your partnership zone on Saturday. Whether you’re falling in love with someone new or breathing fresh air into an existing relationship, this is a time to make connections and take partnerships to the next level.

End the week on an ambitious note during the full moon in Aries and your career zone on Sunday. Get your hustle on because the goals you’ve been working toward might finally come to fruition, giving you an achievement and reputation boost. Use this to push past limitations and fulfill your dreams and greatest ambitions. You can do this!

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