Cancer Weekly Horoscope

If the cat’s got your tongue, Cancer, you’ll readily reclaim it this Tuesday, June 7, when an equalizing quarter moon in Virgo charges up your communication sector. There’s something you’ve been dying to say…yet, before you can utter the first sentence, you’ll worry that your honesty will “ruin” the relationship and hit the mute button again. Argh! This quarter moon brings a stern reminder of the cost of holding it all in. It’s kind of like a self-fulfilling prophecy. Suppressing yourself to stay close to people actually creates more distance. So exhale, dive in and get the dialogue going.

Pro tip: Don’t lead with the heaviest part of your message. You might begin with, “I’ve been noticing this energy between us lately and I’m wondering if you feel it, too.” This gives the other person a chance to be part of the dialogue—instead of the unwitting recipient of a sermon. Make a point of breathing before you respond so you don’t fire off reactively. You might even try the mirroring technique. Before you reflexively respond, repeat back what the other person said to confirm that you heard them correctly. So validating! That said, don’t make the mistake of being SO compassionate that you swallow your truth again. At some point, you’re going to have to own your upset feelings and address the matter that needs to be amended.

Whatever the outcome may be of any challenging conversations, this Saturday brings a boon for your social life. Charming Venus holds her annual summit with spontaneous Uranus, this year in Taurus and your eleventh house of community. Fight the urge to stay inside lounging with your Russian Blue all day. You’re not likely to discover your kindred spirits that way. And even if you DO meet them online, a scenery-refresher will give you so much more to chat about when you log in next. (Or hey, who says you can’t talk from a beach blanket?)

Under these deliciously disruptive skies, you’ll have limited patience for small talk. So scout out the iconoclasts, artists and activists in your area—AKA people who can hold your attention in a conversation. And thanks to ardent Venus’ influence, Crabs on the hunt for love will have better-than-average odds of finding a connection. With the help of techie, communal Uranus, dating apps and mutual friends will be propitious pipelines. Have you been mulling over a plan for an app or website? With creative Venus connecting the dots with tech-savvy Uranus, devote a little weekend time to developing the project. Whether you’re picking a theme, shooting a few videos on your phone, or spec-ing out functionality, anything you do to move the needle can get the momentum flowing.

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