Gemini Weekly Horoscope

Mar 13, 2023 – Mar 19, 2023 – Yikes, Gemini! You aren’t having much luck in your career right now as Mars in your sign squares Neptune in Pisces on Tuesday. You could realize that your passion in life doesn’t match up with your current career path. Consider switching gears to find something that will fulfill you.

It also isn’t a great time for romance when Venus enters Taurus and your healing zone on Thursday. This could be a period of endings as you heal your heart in private and dream of a love that’s actually worth the struggle. Find beauty in the pain to get through it.

End the week on a friendly note when Mercury enters Aries and your social zone on Saturday. This is a great time to get active in your community. Consider speaking up at town meetings, organizing volunteer groups, and helping your neighbors. It truly takes a village.

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