Habs Episode-24 Review: Dim hopes for Ayesha and Basit’s patch-up

Soha is getting too close to Basit.

Habs Episode-24 Review – ARY Digital’s drama serial Habs is turning out to be quite depressing with Ayesha and Basit’s arising differences. We wanted to see their reunion however hopes are dim for Ayesha and Basit’s patch-up. Performances are super brilliant. In the previous episode, we have seen that Ayesha and Basit’s relationship is marred with more differences. In the latest episode, their differences are not on the decline in fact Soha’s entry is worsening the situation.

The episode begins when Ayesha meets Rishta aunty which came for Zoya but now she is getting too sweet with Ayesha telling her to be brave. Ayesha sensed that there is something fishy. Later Ayesha’s mother has let the cat out of the bag by telling her that she wants her to marry Yawar. Ayesha is appalled and disgusted that how can her mother even thinks of her like she is not yet divorced.

One of the most heartbreaking scenes is when Fahad arrives at the office with his wedding invites. It was such a huge disappointment for the viewers because we are so rooting for Fahad and Bano as a couple. Poor Bano really deserves someone as good as Fahad. Well, Fahad invites Basit, and since Soha is present there so he had to invite her also. Basit asks Fahad to invite Ayesha himself with that Fahad has sensed the tension between the couple.

Well, I am literally not interested to see Zoya triumphing and getting away with stealing the money. I want her to get punished for it. Zoya currently gets away with her stealing. I was wondering why Amir’s mother has not checked her bag when she is so damn sure that she has stolen the money? Amir is too good to be true I mean such kind of man really exists? We are still not over that ketchup scene, it was too funny.

Basit is too stupid instead of getting close to Soha why doesn’t he tries to mend his ways with his wife? Why instead of offering a ride to Soha, he asks Ayesha to pick her up and offer her to go together as a couple to Fahad’s wedding? Basit misses Ayesha and he wants his relationship with Ayesha to go smoothly but for that, he is not making any effort. Well, he does call her but Ayesha’s mother declines his call creating misunderstandings between the couple. With Ayesha’s cunning mother it does not seems to have any hope for Ayesha and Basit’s patch-up. We are desperately rooting for Basit and Ayesha’s reunion and we are super annoyed by Soha trying to get too close to Basit.

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