Jhoom Second Last Episode Review: Aryaan questions Mahvish for her double standards

  • Should we expect a happy ending?

Jhoom the 7th Skproduction drama serial is close to its conclusion this episode is its second last episode. Thank God it has not dragged to 50 episodes! This is how stories should be wrapped up in a few number of episodes I hope makers keep up with this trend. In the previous episode, we have seen how Mehvish sabotages Aryaan and Mariyam’s nikkah. In this episode, it is shown that Aryaan questions Mehvish for her morality and double standards.

Aryaan and Maryam were so happy they are about to unite in the sacred bond of Nikkah when out of nowhere Mehvish makes her entry with the Police. The best part is that Mehvish does not hide anything from Aryaan and all, she clearly expresses all the grievances she had for his mother and towards her own father! Aryaan is shocked to know that Mr.Asfandyar is the man he hated all his life.

Aryaan is arrested by the police and his nikkah is called off. Mehvish fires him from the job right on the spot. Everything is so crystal clear then why Aryaan after getting released from the Police custody goes to the factory and loses his cool there. He has beaten the hell out of the worker asking him who is behind all when Mehvish has clearly told him, this time too Mehvish appears to confess that what she did is her revenge on his mother.

Aryaan grabs Mehvish’s hand and drags her to the hospital where his mother is battling between her life and death. He questions Mehvish’s morality and double standards and why she has only penalized his mother who is already battling with cancer but she has not penalized her father who is equally involved in making her childhood hell. Mehvish undergoes a change of heart with this and she starts empathizing with Shehla, anger has evaporated somewhere.

Maryam thinks that Aryaan is not made for her. One of Sherry’s friends shows him a mirror by telling him what kind of man he is who has ruined her dear sister’s happiness. Sherry does not seem moved by this at all. However Mehvish change of heart is for real she talks with her father and she realizes that she has always been harsh with her father and Shehla. She makes an effort of meeting her stepmother and it seems that Mehvish is going to make amends for Aryaan and Maryam’s broken relationship. Do we expect a happy ending?

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