Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-10 Review: Shamsher is shot!

Mahek is living a secret life in Multan.

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi the drama serial airing at Ary Digital, despite all its problematic notions, is still very engaging. Performances are average but it is the story that is hooking us despite having some loose ends. In the previous episode, we get to know that Mahek is miraculously alive. In this episode, it is shown that she is living in Multan being dead for all in her city except he father and uncle.

The episode begins with that hitman having second thoughts that he might have mistaken the girl was not Mahek. Well, the dangerous thing is that he lives in the same city. It all makes us wonder how Mahek was saved, and how come she managed to escape that fire which the hitman has himself ignited.

Mahek arrives at the house in Multan but she is very coldly welcomed by the house lady. Why people are shown in such bad light? her fear is valid but her rude behavior with Mahek is not making any sense at all. Shamsher on the other hand is still mourning her death and he is not ready to move on. He snubs Sophia telling her that there is no place for her in his heart.

While Mahek’s escape from that fire is still a mystery, Mahek’s father keeps Mahek’s life a secret from his wife and his daughter. He is clearly seeing that his wife is in grief he should have comforted her by telling her the reality but every time he gets interrupted by someone. Ahesun is feeling guilty for abandoning Mahek and he is feeling that he is responsible for her death. He goes to Mahek’s mother to beg forgiveness but she is not ready to forgive him despite of her husband urging her to forgive Ahesun.

Well, Ahesun is furious at Shamsher and his anger is justified. He jumps into Shamsher’s house so smoothly and conveniently making us wonder how could he dodge such tight security and reached right at Shamsher’s room. Well, let’s give creative liberty to the makers. Ahesun shoots Shamsher and that gunshot alarms everyone in the house. Well here Mahek’s father is being mean and selfish he at least could have told Ahesun the truth he knows that he is her well-wisher. Now he has risked his life too. Ahesun is now gone it is nearly impossible to escape Shamsher’s house when he has attempted to kill Shamsher. Will Shamsher survive? It’s another question well like Mahek he will too survive as he is the protagonist of this play.

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