Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi Episode-30 Review: Mahek finally acknowledges that Shamsher has won her

Sheroo eventually gets killed!

Kaisi Teri Khudgarzi the ARY Digital drama serial is down with 30 episodes, the story is unnecessarily being dragged. Performances are all on point. In the previous episode we have watched that Baba Sahab once again attempts to kill Mahek through Sheroo. In this episode it is shown that Sheroo does not kill Mahek in fact he promises Shamsher to help him appear as a witness but then later he gets killed.

Sheroo tells Shamsher that he has come to kill Mahek on Baba Sahab’s orders but he will not do so. Shamsher asks him to give him a favor by appearing as a witness against Nawaab sahab. Poor Sheroo tells him that his life is not guaranteed he will be killed soon but he promises if he lives he will try his best to fulfill his promise. He wants to meet his wife for once before appearing as a witness.

Mahek’s heart has already melted for Shamsher, she tells him that he has won her. It is shown that she is giving cold shoulder to her loser cousin Ahesun, and refuses to talk with him. Ahesun totally deserves this kind of behavior as he is being such a creep with Nida. Well I am certainly not interested in Nida and her married life issues. Ahesun has proved himself as a loser.

The scene where Shamsher is confronting his father is quite a powerful scene, although I find Nawab Dilawar’s expressions quite misleading. Despite having sinister intentions his expressions depicts benevolence, compassion is written over all his face? Absurd. Shamsher has clearly told his father that if he ever tried to harm Mahek in any way he will find him in between him and Mahek. He also prophecies that Nawab Sahab will lose everything because of his false ego.

Well I will certainly not be happy if Ahesun and Farwa and Sophia will team up to conspire separation between Shamsher and Mahek. It will become too tedious and will give us Ishq Hai sequel vibes. Out of no where literally, Sophia and Farwah sees Ahesun talking with Shamsher and then they both have decided that it is high time to use this guy! Weird. Shamsher on his way back from the office sees a crowd, he out of curiosity goes and see Sheroo lying dead on the road! Baba Sahab has killed Sheroo!

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