Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Episode-25 Review: Shamsher finally gets hired as a sales person

Mahek gets a good job with salary much higher than Shamsher’s.

Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi Episode-25 Review – Ary Digital drama serial Kaisi Teri Khudgharzi is now 25 episodes down. Performances are strong as usual. It seems that Mahek’s heart is melting towards Shamsher. Makers are fully glorifying Shamsher as a hero. In the previous episode we have seen that Nawab Dilawar officially disowns his son Shamsher. In this episode it is shown that poor Shamsher finally gets hired as a sales person.

Shamsher’s mother gets critically ill, her three arteries are blocked but still Baba Sahab is not ready to even inform Shamsher. Whenever she gains consciousness she takes Shamsher’s name but it has not affected Baba Sahab at all. Dara has numerous times suggested Baba Sahab to forget everything and just inform Shamsher about his mother’s condition but Baba Sahab strictly refuse.

It seems that Mahek’s heart is little bit melting towards Shamsher. She takes care of her like a wife, cooks food for him. That vegetable eating scene is quite cute. Poor Shamsher has never eaten vegetable in his life. Well the question arises that is it okay for Mahek to fall in love with a person who has brought all misery to her who has forcefully married her? Well she has not yet fallen in love with him but just a thought.

Mahek has applied somewhere and she gets a call for interview. Shamsher drops her at the place, he also has an interview somewhere, Mahek wishes him good luck. Well Mahek has an outstanding academic record on which basis she gets hired immediately with a pay scale of 45k and much more incentives. On the other hand on the same day Nida is having nikkah with Ahesun, well why it is needed? it looks so weird Nida is sitting and having memories about Ahesun falling in love with her sister and now she is reminding herself that she needs to make her own place. Why she needs to marry the guy who loves her sister not her.

Shamsher has been rejected by the recruiter for not being a stable person. He loses the opportunity, he is trying so hard to get the job but fails to get one. Finally he lands a job but as a sales person. He is hired as a sales counter person for merely Rs22K with one time free meal. He agrees for this job. Later when he gets to know that Mahek got a job much higher than his salary he gets embarrassed and lies about his salary. Will Mahek’s getting independent going to bring any change into their relationship?

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