Leo Weekly Horoscope

Jun 19, 2023 – Jun 25, 2023 – Wednesday is the longest day of the year, and you’ll need some time to sit with your feelings when the sun enters Cancer and your subconscious zone that day. Over the next few weeks you might be forced to face problems from the past and undergo a physical, mental, and emotional cleansing before your summer can begin.

During this rocky start to summer, it’s important to develop a spiritual connection with your partner when Juno enters your subconscious zone on Thursday. You might have to make some sacrifices in your relationship over the next few weeks, but they’ll be worth it if you can overcome challenges together.

Focus on your dreams when Vesta enters Gemini and your social zone on Thursday. Windfalls won’t come easily, Leo, because you’ll have to work hard to achieve your desires. However, online networking can build a strong community to help you get ahead.

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