Leo Weekly Horoscope

Jul 3, 2023 – Jul 9, 2023 – If you’ve been working hard toward your goals over the last six months, you’ll start seeing results during the full moon in Capricorn and your productivity zone on Monday. This full moon gives you major energy as you see your healthy habits pay off in big ways. If you haven’t been working hard, well, Leo, it isn’t too late to start!

Continue to do some wheeling and dealing in private when Mercury in Cancer sextiles Uranus in Taurus on Thursday. The right word can help you get ahead in your career, but don’t be too forward about it. Think about your desire to manifest it.

Know your worth over the next few weeks once Pallas enters Virgo on Sunday, moving into your value zone. During this time you’ll need to find the strength within yourself to succeed. Find value in what brings you joy, not what you can buy.

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