Meri Shehzadi Episode-23 Review: Shahana is misusing her power play

Cam starts confronting Shahana

Hum TV drama serial Meri Shehzadi is 23 episodes down. The plot gets interesting with Shahana exhibiting her power over Cam and Dania. Despite of play’s shortcomings, we are still interested in this plot. Atiqa Odho jee is the star of the show. In the previous episode, we are wondering if is Shahana slowly poisoning Dania. In this episode, it is clear that Shahana is not coming slow with her power play.

Shahana has planted one of the nannies to mess up Dania’s brain by feeding her some sort of medicine which seems not a kind of poison. However by doing that Shahana is completely ruining Dania’s image as well as her career and on top of it, she wants her grandson’s custody. One wonders how naive Dania is! keeping in mind the kind of power dynamic family she is married into how come she blindly follows what the nanny asks her to do?

Cam makes a lot of hues and cries over Shahana getting Dania’s children’s custody. She is taking a stand for herself and even out of jealousy she says she won’t let the children live on and she gets a tight slap from Shehroze. One of the biggest satisfaction is when Cam hits back hard in his face saying that I am not Dania. She claims that her one call to her embassy is sufficient to ruin his political career.

Dania’s condition is getting worse, she started having mental health issues. Her image and her political career are badly affected. Dr Hassan is still on her side helping her out. He has sensed that something is terribly wrong with her. Well, that agent nanny has also shot a video from her phone of Dr Hassan helping out Dania when she faints and she has sent it out to Shahana expecting a monetary reward in return.

Shahana has expressed her power play in front of Cam as well when she tries to confront her. She tells that she damn cares about her nationality she will do what she wants as she runs the whole province. She tells her sister that she will play with both Dania and Cam for her own interest’s sake not caring about his son’s married life getting ruined. Well, the other nanny Rosy finds out about the agent nanny’s criminal activities. Well, she should have kept this hidden from her but no that naive girl confronted and questioned the agent nanny. Now the agent nanny knows that Rosy knows her reality. The episode ends with Rosy’s entry into Nana Jaan’s room to tell him the truth. Interesting buildup!

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