Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-15 Review: More drama with less logic

Anabia shares only the half truth with Maheer

ARY Digital’s Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is proving to be a serial with less logic and more drama. Maheer’s character is written as so selfish that we feel zero sympathies for her, the only character for whom we watch the whole show is now boring us with touching new heights of greatness. In the previous episode, Maheer is blaming herself for her father’s condition. In this episode, Maheer is wrongly blaming her parents and her whole family for hiding from Areeb’s reality of what had happened on her wedding day

Despite the world pointing fingers at Maheer, Saad still supports her saying that he blindly trusts her but Maheer seems blind she cannot see how deeply Saad loves her. Maheer remains in her bubble of agony, oblivious of Saad’s feelings for her which is making her a selfish character hence we feel zero sympathy for her, she actually does not deserve a gem of a person like Saad.

Maheer is blaming herself for her father’s condition. She seeks her father’s forgiveness by crying her heart out unfortunately her father cannot speak up. Neelo’s blaming of Maheer is making heart go out to poor Neelo and we think why she has to suffer because of mean Maheer. Not even Saad, Neelo is also suffering but Maheer is still not grateful for Saad’s support. Saad and his family simply deserve a much better daughter-in-law.

Maheer is sad but Anabia’s arrival has worsened her misery. Anabia’s telling her half-truth about Areeb on her wedding day has put her world upside down. Anabia what kind of a toxic cousin she is! She tells her that her family has lied to her. Areeb’s father died that night which is why Areeb cannot show up on time but he had come later that night. She did not tell her how badly Beenish, mother of Areeb has insulted her father!

Maheer starts blaming her mother, but her mother instead of decreasing her misery by telling her how Areeb’s mother insulted her family that night, is just apologetic which makes her even angrier. The height of Maheer’s selfishness is that she starts blaming poor Saad who in return touches new heights of greatness telling her that he himself was unaware of this fact, he is ready to leave her whenever she will ask. He even offers her to take him to Areeb’s place for his father’s condolence is one absurd scene. Why did not Maheer once considers Faha’s episode as a reminder of what disgrace she has brought for her family and that Areeb has a fiance too.

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