Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-28 Review: Faha wrongly accuses Saad for attempting rape

  • Sheer disappointment, makers are mocking real rape victims who are actually suffering from that trauma

ARY Digital drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is now getting on our nerves, the story was going round and round but now it has taken a pathetic turn. Why do the makers misuse their creative license and show things that are actually politically and culturally incorrect, and not safe to show on screens? In this episode once again false accusation of rape is made mocking all the women who are actually suffering from that trauma. It is simply pathetic!

Faha goes to Saad’s office blackmailing him that she will leak Maheer and Areeb’s private pictures on social media. In return, she asks Saad to meet her. Why would Faha do such a stupid thing to create differences between Saad and Maheer when it is not in her own interest?

Saad is the dumbest person ever on earth how many times he has witnessed Faha’s vile side and still, he fell into her trap. Why he accepted the drink when she is clearly insisting to drink? Why he is so naive to actually take the drink? By the way, that scene is so badly executed. Why she needs to intoxicate Saad she could have created a scene in the middle by just screaming out loud and throwing her dupatta! Poor Saad is in trouble and once again arrested.

Now why this phenomenon of using women’s cards and falsely accusing men of rape has started normalizing in our plays? Why the makers have become so insensitive about the gravity of the issue and towards all those women who are actually victims of rape! What kind of disservice these plays are doing to society and to women in general? It is simply pathetic! By the way why Faha is faking her victim play in front of her mother who is herself as vile as her? Why is Areeb telling Maheer that everything is fair in love and war it says loudly that he is behind Saad’s arrest.

Poor Maheer knows that it is Areeb who has made Saad’s arrest. She is searching for him in Police stations but all her attempts go in vain she ends up finding that he is being accused of attempted rape by Faha. Maheer knows Saad very well and trusts him she knows he was trapped. Maheer going to Areeb’s place and throwing all her anger at him shows how much she loves and care for Saad. Areeb has stooped very low he is being a thorough villain. Maheer has to end up with Saad.

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