Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-3 Review: Areeb proposes Maheer in front of all his friends

Saad believes in his silent yet powerful love

Ary Digital’s drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is three episodes down and it seems to be an intense love trio. On the one hand, there is a silent yet passionate love of Saad on the other hand there is that hunk Areeb who is head to heel in love with Maheer and who doesn’t shy away from expressing his love for her. In the previous episode, we were wondering with whom Maheer’s heart is inclined towards Saad or Areeb. In this episode, this confusion continues but the progress is that Areeb down on his kneel proposes Maheer at a party in front of all his friends.

Well, the execution seems wishy-washy. As far as I remember that Areeb’s parents particularly his mother seemed quite happy when Areeb shares with her about a girl he has selected for himself but now nowhere she expresses her disapproval. She throws Maheer’s bracelet in the dustbin. Areeb puts his whole staff alert in search of that bracelet. Areeb’s mother confronts him by telling him that she has already selected a girl for him.

Well, Maheer’s mother’s materialistic approach is justified, she is her mother and she wants the best for her. Saad’s mother and sister’s forced reaction is not making any sense how can she force Maheer’s mother to let her daughter marry his son against her wish? Maheer’s materialistic mother thinks that her daughter only deserves a rich guy or in other words, she thinks that only a rich guy will make Maheer happy. How flawed is her approach?

Saad thank God in this episode he has not annoyed us with his continuous gazing at Maheer. In this episode, we peeked into Saad’s mind through his diary. Saad passionately loves Maheer but his love is silent, he thinks that Maheer should have known about his feelings as he is not in favor of expressing his love. Saad believes in the power of his love he knows that one day his love will prove itself in front of Maheer.

Well, our heart goes out to poor Saad, his approach is also flawed if one will not go to express his feelings in words how can we expect anything in return from the other person? On the other hand, there is Areeb who is so quick in expressing his love for Maheer. He goes down on his knees and surprises everyone by proposing Maheer. By the way, Areeb’s approach is also flawed. He is too quick in making such a bold move that too in public! Is Maheer still unaware of Saad’s feelings? if yes it is so dumb of her! How Maheer is going to react to this proposal? we will not complain if she says yes because who can say no to Areeb? Interesting buildup!

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