Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha Episode-4 Review: Maheer is oblivious of Saad’s feelings for her

Maheer ‘s heart has inclined towards Areeb

Ary Digital drama serial Mujhe Pyaar Hua Tha is 4 episodes down and this love trio is getting intense. Performances are brilliant, particularly Wahaaj Ali’s, who outshines in his character. In the previous episode, we watched Areeb shocks Maheer by proposing to her in front of all his friends. In this episode, it is shown that Maheer also has feelings for Areeb and to our surprise, she is completely oblivious to Saad’s feelings for her.

Maheer is completely shocked by Areeb’s sudden surprise, he out in the public proposes to her in a dramatic way going down on his knees and holding a ring. Maheer is getting embarrassed and she is not feeling comfortable in that situation which is justified. Areeb should have asked about her feelings for him in private before being too quick to express his love in front of all his friends. However, she has not refused his proposal yet.

Areeb’s approach is exactly opposite of Saad’s where Saad is not expressing his passionate love for his cousin in words but each and every action of him depicts his intense feelings for her. Even a blind person can tell that Saad is completely smitten by Maheer then how come Maheer is so oblivious about this love? The play is challenging our sensibilities. It looks so unreal.

Saad’s mother and sister are not making any sense, why they are forcing Saad and Maheer’s engagement against the wishes of Maheer’s mother? No one does that! Saad’s mother’s enthusiasm is not making any sense at all why she is so persistent to make Maheer her daughter-in-law when several times she is insulted by her mother? Maheer’s father is another unreasonable person why he has gone against the wishes of his own wife? Why he has almost forced his wish on her daughter? This whole engagement scene depiction is so unrealistic. Our heart goes out to poor Saad.

Maheer is so clever that she has not refused this engagement in front of her father but now she is insisting poor Saad help her out by taking all the blame on himself by refusing this proposal as she has feelings for Areeb. It is so heartbreaking when Maheer totally disregard Saad saying that they are just good friends and cousins how can she think of marrying him? How can Maheer be so dumb that she has never realized that Saad is totally smitten by her? How come Maheer has never heard her name with Saad before? These flaws in storytelling make it a bit boring but still, we are hooked on the dynamics of this intense love trio.

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