Pisces Weekly Horoscope

Jul 17, 2023 – Jul 23, 2023 – While the rest of the week (and month) could be rocky, Monday is the perfect night to have some fun with the new moon in Cancer and your pleasure zone. This is a great day to start creative projects and love affairs and just take an emotional gamble. It could pay off.

However, fun could be hard to come by over the next few weeks once Venus goes retrograde in your productivity zone on Saturday. This retrograde could spark discord at work, especially if you can’t get along with your coworkers. Don’t let jealous people get you down.

Even in the heat of summer you’ll have plenty of work to do once the sun enters your health zone on Saturday. And not just in your daily life, but in your inner life as well. Take care of yourself by working on self-improvement. What do you want to get better at, Pisces?

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