Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Dec 5, 2022 – Dec 11, 2022 – It’s the last month of the year, and it’s the perfect opportunity to start planning your budget for 2023 as Mercury enters Capricorn on Tuesday, moving into your value zone. Boring, we know, but you need a solid game plan for next year, especially where money is concerned. Start investing and saving now for a brighter future.

Especially if that future involves another person. The full moon in Gemini and your partnership zone on Wednesday is an ideal night to seal the deal in an important relationship, from confessing your feelings to signing contracts. Make sure you level up now.

However, your focus could shift from love to money when Venus enters your value zone on Friday. This is a great time for making money, investing money and loving yourself a little more. Just don’t obsess about buying things or hoarding money. Your possessions can easily possess you.

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