Sagittarius Weekly Horoscope

Jul 17, 2023 – Jul 23, 2023 – Summer passions start to heat up during the Cancer new moon in your intimacy zone on Monday. You’re ready to transform your life for the better, so leave your past behind and find a new way forward. Let your emotions be your compass, Sagittarius.

Especially since you’ll have a hard time understanding the core of your important relationships when Venus goes retrograde in your expansion zone on Saturday. You could discover a divide between you and your loved ones over the next few months. From moral differences to drifting apart, you might struggle to see what you’re fighting about when relationships grow distant.

However, this is still a great time for new adventures when the sun enters your travel zone on Saturday. While you have to take things slowly, the next few weeks give you the opportunity to expand your horizons. Seek out the meaning of life and explore alternative views.

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