Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Nov 14, 2022 – Nov 20, 2022 – There’s a strong possibility of taking some calculated financial risks over the next few weeks once Venus enters Sagittarius on Tuesday, moving into your value zone. While you’re usually very protective of your cash, you’re feeling bold enough to use your intuition to take some calculated gambles. Just don’t go off the deep end.

However, you’re feeling pretty optimistic about life in general when Mercury enters your value zone on Thursday. It might be a good idea to think about different kinds of investments before the new year, like taking classes or owning property. What do you value most right now, Scorpio?

Find inspiration in the pleasure of life when Vesta enters Pisces on Sunday, moving into your creativity zone. This is an ideal time to commit to your creative talents and find new ways of self-expression. While you commit yourself to your chosen craft, try not to ice anyone out.

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