Scorpio Weekly Horoscope

Jul 31, 2023 – Aug 6, 2023 – As we head toward the end of summer, an ideal time for a family reunion is during the full moon in Aquarius and your home zone on Tuesday. This is an opportunity to connect with your family, attend community events, and just have some fun. Take care of your loved ones, Scorpio, starting with yourself.

Do yourself a favor and hide your phone from yourself when the moon in Pisces opposes Mercury in Virgo on Thursday. This aspect makes passions run high, and you could be sorely tempted to send an angry text or tweet that’ll come back to haunt you.

On Sunday, you’ll be torn between wanting to stand out and wanting to be part of a team when the sun in Leo squares Jupiter in Taurus. Your need to lead at work could hurt your reputation as a team player. Pick your battles.

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