Tere Bin Episode-5 and 6 Review: It seems Murtasim’s heart is melting for Meerub

Meerub is dying to meet her foster parents

7th Sky Entertainment production drama serial Tere Bin is 6 episodes down. These duo episodes are a bit boring compared with the previous ones. Performances are good but the story has not progressed much in these two episodes. In the previous episodes, we have seen that Meerub comes to know that Anwar is her real father. In the latest set of episodes, it is shown that Murtasim’s heart starts melting for Meerub.

Meerub is torn about the fact that she is not the real daughter of Waqas in fact Anwar is her father. We have given an explanation of why Anwar has given her daughter to Waqas. Well, the back story is not much convincing where Anwar refuses to accept his daughter because, at the time of her birth, her mother died. He starts hating his daughter, blaming her for his wife’s death so Bhabi begum gives it to a childless couple who are their close friends.

Well how cruelly Meerub gets to know this reality? Anwar could have imparted this reality way before why he waited that long. Poor Meerub our heart goes out to her. The person she despises is her father, she totally rejects accepting him. Haya tries to misguide Murtasim about Meerub’s identity, he questions the identity of that is she a legitimate daughter or a natural daughter of someone. on which he gets a befitting reply from his Uncle that she is his real daughter.

The scene where Murtasim slaps Meerub could have been avoided. Although the passion in that scene is quite spectacular it’s all over the place. Murtasim suddenly feels guilty after slapping her. Who gets faint after getting a slap? Meerub reiterates that she hates Murtasim to bits. Waqas and his wife are asked to leave for Karachi by Bhabi begum so will make Meerub accept Anwar. Senseless! The scene where Meerub is shouting Baba Baba is quite heartbreaking and it seems that it has melted Murtasim’s heart too.

Murtasim takes Meerub on her request to Karachi but Waqas and his wife do not open the door. Poor Meerub is pleading hard, she is begging her father to let him meet for once and promising that she will leave soon. However, despite all the pleading Waqas hardens his heart and does not open his door why? At least he could have convinced Meerub, he could have consoled her. Murtasim takes her back and on their way back she offers prayer in a shrine, not a mosque why? The shrine depiction is not much realistic nor the saint looks real. Murtasim keeps watching Meerub pray does it mean that he has already fallen in love with her?

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