What’s new in WhatsApp’s latest beta update?

Instant Messaging application WhatsApp is rolling out a new update via the Google Play Beta Program, bringing the version up to The latest update has two new features, including the ability to report a status update and an always-available “Mute” feature.

Reporting a status update

The application is launching the ability to report status updates in its new beta update. Users will be able to report status updates that they think to violate the “Terms of Service.”

The feature has already been released for some beta testers that installed the WhatsApp beta for iOS update from the TestFlight app and it is now released to users on the latest Android beta.

Any status that is reported by a user will be forwarded to WhatsApp for moderation. If the moderation team finds that it violates their “Terms of Service,” the account may be suspended from WhatsApp.

The feature does not compromise end-to-end encryption, which protects messages and calls on all devices. It means that no one other than the sender and receiver of the communication, not even WhatsApp, Meta, or a proxy provider, can read your messages and listen to your private calls.

Always-available Mute button

Moreover, certain users may see a mute option within their message notifications. WhatsApp had already released this feature back in 2017, although the mute button was only visible when receiving a large number of messages from a contact or group. After this update, the mute button is always visible in any circumstance.

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