Yunhi Episode-10 Review: Kim and Dawood’s wedding festivities in full swing

We see some sort of chemistry building between Kim and Dawood.

HUM TV drama serial Yunhi is 10 episodes down. And this episode in particular is all about Kim and Dawood’s wedding festivities. We see some sort of chemistry building between Kim and Dawood. In the previous episode, we saw that Dawood is forced to marry Kim. In this episode, it is shown that despite Dawood’s reservation their wedding festivities have just begun.

Kim has made up her mind that she will be marrying Dawood as an experiment but deep inside it seems that she is attracted towards him. However poor Dawood overhears Kim’s non-committed views about this marriage and still does not oppose this idea of marrying her. He lightly discussed his reservation with his Dada on which his Dada tells him that love has the power to change people blah blah.

Kim wants a simple wedding she does not want his father to spend much even Dawood also wants to keep it simple but Suraiya is of the view that Dawood is his first brother and she wants to enjoy to the fullest all the wedding festivities. Dr Naveed sides with Suraiya telling her that she does not have to worry he will spend his money and there will be all functions in a lavish way. He does not even care about Kim’s objection.

Daniyal’s sad face is so satisfying to watch, the guy deserves that on top of that his interest in Husna comes back all of a sudden what a chameleon he is! Husna is paying no heed to him, her father also said that now he will not going to think about Husna and Daniyal’s proposal. Well, it is good to see Naseema Khala coming to Dawood’s mehndi along with her daughter. It is so good to see a positive girl who accepts her fate with such grace. Kim tries her best to console her in her way by spilling the beans about Dawood’s girlfriend.

The chemistry between Kim and Dawood sparks when in the car Dawood confesses that he has no girlfriend he only likes her as she was his classmate, and he was not in some kind of relationship. He further tells her that he is marrying her in good faith and he does not believe in disloyalty. Kim seems a bit moved. Her obsession with Zulfi is not making any sense in the mid of all her Mehndi festivities she demands to visit Zulfi’s place to invite him despite knowing the fact that Dada Jee does not like him. Hoping that Kim should take Zulfi’s advice seriously which he gives on love. Overall enjoyable episode!

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