Yunhi Episode-9 Review: Dawood is forced to marry Kim!

How can Dawood let Kim play with his life like that?

Hum TV drama serial Yunhi is 9 episodes down and still, Kim’s character has not grown on us. It is just a poorly written character and the script seems a bit dated. Performances are good I really like the spark between Dawood and Kim. In the previous episode, we have seen Kim telling her father that she wants to marry Dawood but as an experiment! In this episode, Dada Jee not just agreed but fixes their early nikkah date in exchange for Iqbal’s proposal for Naveed.

Kim’s character is not making any sense at all. Why on earth does she want to marry someone she dislikes? What kind of experiment is that? Or it means that she is interested in Dawood? Since her boyfriend, George has cheated on her so she has decided to move on which is rather too quick to be true. Dr Naveed is also making no sense at all when he knows that his daughter wants to marry Dawood as an experiment then why he agreed to help her?

Dada Jee astonishes the audience with his senseless decision, yes he is the patriarch of the house but it does not mean that he can force his grandson to marry the girl of his choice! His sudden agreement with the proposal does not make any sense. Kim and Dawood are poles apart, and they have no match but still, Dada Jee is ready to ruin his beloved grandson’s life not even caring to ask his parents’ consent just because he wants to marry off Iqbal to Dr Naveed in return.

Dr Naveed agrees to the condition but he suggests that first he let Kim and Dawood’s nikkah happen at the earliest possible date and then he will go back to America for a short trip to fix his commitments then he will be back to marry Iqbal. Does Dr Naveed know that his dear friend Zulfi is deeply in love with Iqbal? Nor Iqbal has any idea what her father is up to.

There is no concept of consent in this play. Does Dawood have no agency he agrees with what his Dada jee asks him to do? Why! who does that? The girl is clearly saying that she wants to marry him as an experiment still he let her ruin his life. My heart goes to Dawood’s mother whose rights as a mother are so conveniently violated by Dada Jee, the poor woman who has lost her sister’s support because of him. The only good thing that happened is that poor Daniyal gets a reality check. Kim visibly seems happy with this decision it says that she has some feelings for Dawood. Kim, please be nice to Dawood.

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