As per Adeel Hashmi, he experienced bullying at school.

During a performance, Adeel Hashmi said that he was harassed by a group of older kids.

During his appearance as a guest on Masarrat Misbah’s show, he disclosed that he had experienced a sexual assault during his time in the seventh grade.

He said he was assaulted by them because he was weaker and younger, but he was unable to inform an older.

He once questioned whether or not to inform their father that he was being bullied by several boys.

The brother advised that he should take care of it on his own, clearly unaware of its gravity.

Adeel revealed that he was unable to tell his mother and never informed his father since he was unsure of how he would respond.

Since then, he has never disclosed this to his mother, who will learn about it via this presentation as well.

Many years later, he told his own child that, thank God, he was already in a safer area and to always report him if he was being bullied.

In our field, Adeel Hashmi is a really gifted artist. Although he chose initiatives that he agreed with, he worked less.

Throughout his career, Adeel has played a variety of roles and showcased a lot of skill on our screens.

His family is made up of scholarsas he is the grandson of legendary Faiza Ahmed Faiz.

His father Shoaib Hashmi and mother Muneeza Hashmi are also famous intellectuals of Pakistan.

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