16 people die in Balochistan due to flooding and torrential rains: PDMA

The torrential downpour also caused damage to the infrastructure, according to a report by the PDMA, which stated that casualties had been documented since April 12. Eleven districts in the province experienced severe damage due to the rain.

In various districts, according to the PDMA, 12 roads and 2 bridges have sustained damage. There were 220 damaged houses, of which 60 were totally demolished and 160 only slightly damaged, according to the study. In Chaman, relief efforts are reportedly under way, according to the PDMA.

As to the report, a survey is underway to determine the extent of damage inflicted upon crops and buildings. As to the PDMA, the Pakistan Army forces are contributing to the process of draining rainfall from Gwadar, Pasni, and Jiwani.

The port city of Gwadar was submerged by the downpour, which is a relevant point to bring up in various sections of Balochistan.

There was a train service suspension between Quetta and Chaman due to an interruption of a railway track. Due to damage to another track at the Spintangi area in the Sibi-Harnai segment, train service between Sibi and Harnai was suspended.

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