A girl desires stability and luxury over love: Aagha Ali

Aagha Ali shared details of his transformation from a “lover boy” to a “sabar (patient) boy” during a recent comedy show appearance with host and actor Imran Ashraf.

Ali made a suggestion that he was “whole-heartedly invested in a relationship” when he stated that he had “stayed patient.”

After saying, “I might offend someone, but that’s a fact,” he proceeded to divulge some “facts.”Nowadays, naive girls don’t want love; instead, they want safety, a certain amount of extravagance, and a man who fulfills all of her desires and keeps her safe in every way—which is certainly her right.

“That’s why I advise every guy to prioritize their life because you can attract any girl if you are well-established, financially secure, and well-liked in your community,” he continued, dispensing counsel to men. As a result, I advise all men to consider getting that package before thinking about falling in love, as you should be able to take care of your partner’s financial obligations before opening your heart to her.

At the time of the Covid-19 lockdown in May 2020, Aagha Ali tied the knot with her co-star Hina Altaf. Since last year, there have been many rumors that they are divorcing, but neither of them has ever addressed them.

Speaking out about the “red flag” moniker, Aagha Ali said, “I know that I am a fantastic guy, but…”

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