A jeep crashes into the Neelum River, killing 13.

After a vehicle skidded off the highway and into the Neelum River, the accident happened at approximately eleven in the morning. Four ladies and three children were among the fatalities.

Rescue personnel responded quickly to the accident scene after receiving reports of the occurrence, arriving there and beginning the rescue effort.

Rescue crews moved the injured to a local hospital for treatment, and the corpses to a mortuary for medico-legal processes.

At least six persons, including women and children, were slain in a car crash in the Taobat neighbourhood of the Neelum Valley district in a similar tragedy that also occurred there.

Authorities said that a driver lost control of a jeep transporting 23 people from Kail to Taobat, causing it to plunge into a river.

Every person inside perished in the river as a result of this. The official further stated that the bodies were later recovered by local rescues.

It was difficult for rescue crews to find the car because of the strong current in the river, according to eyewitnesses.

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