A teenager discovered dead on Trail 5 after going missing while trekking

Police said that the missing teen’s body was discovered in a deep ditch where it’s possible he fell.

Employees of the Forest and Environment Department found the body and alerted the authorities.

Search and rescue personnel are working to pull the body from the ditch on Trail 5 in Islamabad. The Taha’s body will be recovered using an iron rod, according to the rescue agency.

Family members of Taha hurried to the scene to identify the body after it was identified.

According to preliminary results, the kid may have fallen into the ditch and died from his wounds.

At the scene of the incident are teams from the Forest Department, Wildlife Department, Rescue 1122, Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad (MCI) authorities, Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP), and Superintendent of Police (SP) city.

The Margalla Trail Patrol was recently established by Interior Minister Mohsin Naqvi to safeguard Islamabad’s stunning trails located in the Margalla Hills.

He claimed that the action was done primarily for the protection of international visitors to these stunning locations in a statement posted on the social media site X.

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