Abolition of the Ministry of Narcotics Control by the Government

The minister, a PCB head as well, revealed his intentions in a message that was uploaded on X, the platform that was once known as Twitter.

“Selected to merge the Narcotics Control ministry office’s functions into the Interior Ministry and close it. simplifying processes, conserving resources, and relieving the national exchequer of needless burdens.”

Mohsin Naqvi paid a visit to the Ministry of Anti-Narcotics earlier in the day. He said during his visit that he would not be using his office at the Ministry of Anti-Narcotics, adding that his office in the Ministry of Interior sufficed and that having offices in two different ministries would be a waste of money.

He gave the order to assign his own employees to a different department under the Ministry of Narcotics Control.
According to Mohsin Naqvi, the Minister’s Office personnel should be deployed to other critical positions inside the Ministry.
Mohsin Naqvi, the federal minister of interior and anti-drug policy, received a special briefing on the activities of the ministry.
The minister stated that in order to ensure the future of upcoming generations, drug eradication is urgently needed, and for this reason, the government will use all resources to get rid of the scourge of drugs.

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