According to CPLC data, Karachi saw 4,184 motorbike thefts and 59 fatalities in April.

Karachi’s crime rate decreased from 7,539 in March to 5,789 in April, according to the data.

The study states that in April, there were 162 reported robberies, 4,184 motorcycle thefts, and 1,368 instances of people being held at gunpoint for their mobile phones.

Ninety-nine persons perished in various circumstances last month, while 15 occurrences of extortion and one incidence of kidnapping for ransom were reported.
Previously on May 7, two individuals from the city’s Korangi neighborhood who were purportedly connected to the Indian spy organization Research and Analysis Wing (RAW) were apprehended by Karachi police and intelligence in a combined operation.

The RAW-trained individuals were engaged in target killing in Pakistan, according to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Korangi Hassan Sardar.

Khawar Hussain and Jabir, who were sharing information and photos of target killings overseas, were the two suspects identified by the SSP as having been apprehended.

The accused were getting money from multiple accounts overseas, according to SSP Hassan Sardar. In light of the ongoing investigation, he continued, more confessions from the detained suspects are anticipated.
62 people lost their life as a result of robbery resistance out of 28,416 significant crimes that were reported in the last four months.

In addition, at the end of April, 5,35 automobiles, 20,152 motorcycles, and 7,470 cell phones were taken from individuals.

A total of 213 persons were slain in various instances over this period, according to the report, which also notes that there were 40 cases of extortion and six cases of kidnapping for ransom.

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