According to PM Sharif, Pakistan requires another IMF financing package for stability.

PM Sharif made this statement in Islamabad during a ceremony aimed at motivating the nation’s taxpayers.

According to the prime minister, stability demands that the government sign a new IMF agreement.

Nonetheless, he stated that the government will prioritize promoting growth, generating employment opportunities, and tackling the inflation issue in addition to the IMF program.

According to Shehbaz Sharif, the federal government will work with the provincial governments to solve issues and create favorable conditions for the private sector. He announced that the exporters had received reimbursements totaling 65 billion rupees, and he pledged that going forward, the refunds will be given on schedule. He remarked that in order to increase industry production, we will also work to provide electricity to them at competitive rates.

He said that the Special Investment Facilitation Council’s (SIFC) platform was created to encourage investment. He declared that the CPEC’s second phase will proceed.

The Prime Minister stated that the FBR will undergo a complete restructuring in relation to tax reforms. He claimed that the tax collection organization will fully digitize next month with the hiring of consultants. He mentioned that we would need to increase the tax base in light of the low tax to GDP ratio.

According to the prime minister, this nation’s heroes are its top exporters and taxpayers. He declared that blue passports would be given to the taxpayers and exporters who won today’s honors.

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