Ahad Raza Mir to be seen in Resident Evil’s Series of Netflix

After a piece of big news that did rounds in Pakistani media a few months ago about Humayun Saeed, a Pakistani actor to star cast in a series, “The Crown” as Dr. Hasnat khan opposite to Elizabeth Debicki who will be playing Lady Diana. Another news has appeared on the surface about Ahad Raza Mir to be cast in the Netflix series, ‘Resident Evil’

Ahad Raza Mir is a Pakistani- Canadian actor famously known for his drama serial like Yaqeen ka Safar, Ehd e Wafa, Aaangan, and Dhoop ki Dewar (Zee5 series).

He played a role in Hamlet: A Ghost Story in Canada, a famous play by Shakespeare as a Prince of Denmark with his powerful theatrical acting. That stunned the audience. Mir was also nominated For Betty Mitchell Awards for his brilliant performance in Hamlet. Although the actor will be cast in the series unbeknown to the role.

Resident Evil was released on July 8, 2021, with four of its episode with a 5.8 rating on IMDB. Resident Evil is a series based on a Japanese video game from a horror genre based on capcom, a Japanese video game developer.

Not spilling the beans the story is of an agent, Leon S. Kennedy that teams up with a staff member Claire Redfield at TerraSave to investigate a zombie attack.

There are no doubts about his acting and intense performance. Looking ahead to seeing how the events unfold and what role is designated to the talented actor.

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