Although Humayun Saeed acknowledges the power of social media, she cautions about its drawbacks.

The versatile actor Humayun Saeed discusses a wide range of topics in an interview, including his personal life, career in show business, and the impact of social media.

In a social media speech, Humayun Saeed said he was aware of the impact of social media and how false information may harm innocent people.

The well-known actor Humayun Saeed, best known for “Mere Paas Tum Ho,” talks about his three-year hiatus before becoming well-known again on television with “Gentleman”.

He opens up about his long-lasting marriage to Samina, the development of his acting career, and his thoughts on his prospects in Bollywood during an open discussion on a YouTube channel.

Humayun acknowledges that he is really bashful, despite his appearance on film.

He admits that he is still a little reserved, thinking back to his childhood and the girl who first encouraged him to come out of his shell.

Speaking of his marriage, he emphasises his unwavering commitment to Samina and chuckles lightheartedly about how foolish it would be to go on any adventures, stressing his healthy regard for his spouse.

Humayun dispels unfounded accusations of having affairs with other actors by reaffirming his loyalty to Samina.

Humayun talks on how he first kept his acting ambitions a secret from his family but was delighted by the encouraging response he got, which inspired him to pursue acting full-time in the entertainment industry.

Even as an experienced actor, Humayun maintains a friendly demeanour with his younger co-stars, attributing their sporadic conceit to Pakistani showbiz’s lack of an audition or training programme.

He is aware of Bollywood’s attraction, but he is dedicated to his work in Pakistan and places a high value on his involvement in and influence on the local scene.

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