An alert was issued due to the likelihood of heavy rain

The PDMA stated that there might be a chance of significant rainfall in Punjab between March 11 and March 14. A PDMA representative said that after the rains, the cold is expected to get stronger.

He cautioned, “The heavy rains may disrupt transportation in hilly areas,” and gave the appropriate authorities instructions to remain on guard all day and all night. It has been recommended to all affected departments to take preventative actions in order to minimize losses of personnel and materials over the projected period.

The National Disaster Management Authority (NDMA) sent a warning earlier on March 6 about unexpected weather in the upcoming days. Predictions indicated a mix of rain and snowfall in a number of areas.

According to the NDMA’s National Common Operating Picture (NCOP), starting on March 6, a mild westerly wave may move throughout Balochistan, bringing light to moderate rain to the western regions.

Meanwhile, rain, thunderstorms, and even snowfall on hills are predicted for parts of Gilgit-Baltistan, Kashmir, and the Pothohar.

Cloudy weather is expected to predominate in most areas from March 8 to 10, with sporadic showers in Central and Southern Punjab. In addition, there will likely be a lot of snowfall in Pakistan’s northern areas, which may cause temporary road closures.

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