Android bug affecting WhatsApp user fixed, confirms Google

A recent Android bug that caused incorrect privacy indicators and notifications within the privacy dashboard for some WhatsApp users has been fixed, WaBetaInfo reported.  

According to the app-tracking website, “WhatsApp and Google collaborated to address a bug in the Android system that caused incorrect privacy indicators and notifications within the Privacy Dashboard for some WhatsApp users.

Privacy was not affected since the microphone was never used in reality, and the fix is ready in the latest update of WhatsApp for Android, available for download on the Google Play Store, it added. 

Last month, allegations were made against WhatsApp regarding its alleged misuse of the microphone in the background. These claims caught widespread attention, particularly after a tweet shared by Elon Musk.

WhatsApp quickly posted a statement, attributing the issue to a bug within the Android system’s Privacy Dashboard. The company also highlighted their commitment to user privacy and promptly involved Google in investigating and mitigating the situation. 

Engadget, a reputable technology news and reviews website, reported that a Google spokesperson confirmed that it was a bug in the Android system. In fact, the app wasn’t really using the microphone in the background as the Android operating system incorrectly displayed privacy indicators to a limited number of WhatsApp users. Lastly, WhatsApp reassured users that they were actively working on a solution with Google.

Android Developers just published a tweet on Twitter where they announced the resolution of the Android bug that caused confusion among WhatsApp users. 

In their tweet, Google acknowledged that a recent bug in their operating system affected a limited number of WhatsApp users, resulting in incorrect privacy indicators and notifications within the Android Privacy Dashboard. 

They expressed gratitude towards WhatsApp for their partnership in resolving the issue and issued an apology for any confusion caused by the bug. In the same tweet, they also asked users to update their WhatsApp app to address the problem.

During this difficult situation, WhatsApp and Google showed their commitment to protecting user privacy: WhatsApp took quick action and worked closely with Google to address the problem in the Android operating system promptly. Google confirmed the issue and worked hard to find a solution, and it’s finally ready in the most recent update of WhatsApp for Android as the app no longer triggers the bug since some workarounds to circumvent it are now available.

The fix for the issue regarding privacy indicators within the Privacy Dashboard is available after installing the latest version of WhatsApp for Android from the Google Play Store.

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