Apple and competitor Meta conduct discussions about AI: report

In an effort to catch up to competitors in the artificial intelligence space, Apple is in talks with key rival Meta about incorporating the generative AI of Facebook’s parent firm into its products, the Wall Street Journal said on Sunday.

The story follows Apple’s agreement to collaborate with OpenAI, the company behind ChatGPT, to develop additional AI features for its highly anticipated Apple Intelligence suite of products.

After Google and Microsoft released their devices one after the other in quick succession, Apple has been under pressure for months to convince many who have doubted its AI approach.

Although it has created a lesser version of its own artificial intelligence, it has stated that it will employ third-party tools like OpenAI to enhance its internal solution.

The Journal, citing people familiar with the situation, reported that Meta and Apple have spoken about incorporating Meta’s generative AI model into Apple Intelligence.

Early in June, Craig Federighi, senior vice president of software engineering at Apple, stated that the company also aimed to incorporate features from Google’s Gemini generative AI technology into its products.

Analysts claim that Apple’s biggest problem has been figuring out how to incorporate ChatGPT-style AI, which ravenously consumes data, into its products without jeopardising the highly emphasised customer privacy and security.

With Apple Intelligence, users will be able to create custom emojis by describing something in plain English or write concise email summaries directly from their mailbox.

According to Apple, the voice assistant Siri will also receive an AI upgrade and will now show up as a pulsating light on the edge of your home screen.

Since its release more than a decade ago, GPT-4o, the newest assistant from OpenAI, has surpassed Siri as a useful function.

Canalys estimates that by 2028, generative AI elements would be present in 54% of smartphones shipped, up from 16% of smartphones shipped this year.

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