Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Making money in your sleep is everyone’s dream, but this Tuesday, June 7, it might be closer to a waking reality than you realize. As the waxing quarter moon in Virgo shines its balancing beams into your eighth house of investments, think beyond the 9-5 grind. For example, selling products as an affiliate might pad your pockets…IF you believe in the company, its products and practices, of course. (Your principled sign could never fake it.) Some Aquarians may get pre-qualified for a mortgage or a small business loan. Communal Water Bearers could drum up clever ideas for pooling funds. One bright idea for Aquarius homeowners would be to explore a solar power bank with your neighbors. The people with the sunniest roofs get the panels that fuel batteries, which in turn provides solar energy for every house on the block. And there couldn’t be a better week for doing a deeper dive into learning about the blockchain.

This quarter moon will also shift your energy in a sexier direction. You might get your groove back with a sweet midweek hookup or a night IN with bae. Your urge to merge will also heat up. Maybe it’s time to turn that casual dating situation into something more exclusive. Explore at a measured—but NOT glacial—pace!

Knock, knock: The interior decorating muse arrives this Saturday, and she could just as easily be driving a U-Haul or carrying wallpaper samples. As beautifying Venus and changemaker Uranus link up in Taurus and your domestic sector, they bring a burst of transformative energy to your space. If your living situation isn’t thrilling you, set up those Zillow alerts and start shopping around. Just like that, the Venus-Uranus merger could reveal a neighborhood that’s right up your (parking-friendly) alley. Feeling at home in your space? Well, how can you make it a little more sacred? When metaphysical Uranus shares a flight path with creatrix Venus, your spare nook could turn into a “crystal cave” slash meditation room slash recording studio. A relative may surprise you with news near Saturday, too, so prepare to download some of your kitchen-table wisdom. But empower, DON’T enable: If they got into this mess, you’re not doing them any favors by mopping it up for them. How else will they ever learn to stop repeating this pattern unless they face the consequences of their actions?

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