Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Dec 19, 2022 – Dec 25, 2022 – It’s the most social time of the year for you, Aquarius, as Jupiter reenters Aries, moving back into your communication zone on Tuesday. This is a period of bright, vibrant ideas that you can work to turn into reality. Attend big events to share your ideas with others or start a study group.

However, you won’t be feeling too chatty when the sun enters Capricorn, moving into your privacy zone on Wednesday. The ghosts of your past come out on the longest night of the year, and you could be a little more sensitive than usual. Get ready for winter by taking the time to retreat and heal yourself for the new year.

While it is the holidays, you’re not really in the spirit during the new moon in Capricorn on Friday. It’s the season of giving, and you might be making plenty of sacrifices that can leave you feeling a bit raw.

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