Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Jan 2, 2023 – Jan 8, 2023 – It’s the start of a brand-new year and you’re ready to embrace new opportunities when Venus enters your sign on Monday. Don’t be afraid to do something unique with your look and try out some new trends, just as long as it makes you feel good. Be a trendsetter, Aquarius.

When in doubt, talk it out when Venus sextiles Jupiter in Aries on Wednesday. All your partnerships can benefit from some deep talks and passionate communication. By talking it out, you can get back on the same page, making life much smoother. Don’t be coy. Say what you feel.

Now that we have the New Year’s fun out of the way, start working on your resolutions during the Cancer full moon on Friday. With the moon in your habit zone, you’ll be able to build better routines for yourself and focus on self-discipline.

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