Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Jun 13, 2022 – Jun 19, 2022 – After a creativity dry spell, you’re finally feeling your imaginative energy this week when Mercury enters Gemini on Monday, moving into your creativity zone. Mental blocks are finally removed and you’re ready to start new projects that will keep you entertained. Or you might even find entertainment in flirting with a summer fling. Enjoy, Aquarius!

Your inner humanitarian comes out to play during the full moon in Sagittarius on Tuesday. With the moon in your socially conscious zone, this is a great night to volunteer your services to a local charity or attend a brainstorming session to help the community.

Do some self-development when the sun in Gemini forms a trine with Saturn in your sign on Thursday. Finding unique outlets to express yourself can help you develop your voice and grow as a person. You and your art are maturing in new ways.

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