Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Mar 20, 2023 – Mar 26, 2023 – Start the week by speaking your mind when the sun and new moon enter Aries and your communication zone on Monday and Tuesday, respectively. The spring can plant new ideas and positive energy in your mind that are ready to bloom. This is a great time for brainstorming, attending events, and taking a short trip.

Step into your power when Pluto enters your sign on Thursday. You have the opportunity to become your best self, Aquarius, so break free from negative and traditional thoughts as you become a role model for others. Focus on what needs to be changed in your life and be transformed.

After months of having fun, it’s time to get serious when Mars enters Cancer and your habit zone on Saturday. Spring brings opportunities to develop new routines that can make your life better. Work hard and take care of others and they’ll do the same for you.

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