Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Aug 21, 2023 – Aug 27, 2023 – The end of summer brings changes to your life when the sun enters Virgo and your transformation zone on Wednesday. You’re ready to move on from whatever is no longer working for you. Allow changes into your life without criticizing them. Hidden information is revealed, Aquarius, so use it well.

Okay, do yourself a favor and block your ex’s number right now. We’ll wait. All of your ghosts come back to haunt you, including your exes, when Mercury goes into retrograde in your intimacy zone on Wednesday. Embrace the rocky changes and don’t run and hide in the past. It won’t serve you well.

Fortunately, you’ll have opportunities for excitement and adventure when Mars enters Libra and your expansion zone on Sunday. You might discover new things about the world and what kind of person you can be over the next few weeks. Keep an open mind and believe in yourself.

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