Aquarius Weekly Horoscope

Put your passport away and get ready for some professional hunkering down. Other people and their stories will be the furthest thing from your mind starting Monday, December 4, when creative Venus bolts into single-minded Scorpio and your tenth house of career magic until December 29. This turns up the heat on your charm and ingenuity, so don’t be surprised to see a line of would-be followers forming behind you—even if leading anyone is the last thing you’re interested in! Scorpio’s promise: When you train your laser focus on your own projects and ideas, your visionary genius will organically come gushing out. Colleagues as well as key decision makers will take notice of you. You can make the most of this high-profile transit by giving extra fuel to your work to set you apart from the so-called competition. Magnetic Venus has a gift for attracting perfect collaborators, so put the word out and be sure to screen potential associates. Get crystal-clear on what you want to accomplish because you are in major manifesting mode. Keep the focus sharp and the blinders on. And when you’re networking, be strategic and quickly filter out people just looking for a free ride on your coattails. You want someone who can inspire YOU! With stabilizing Saturn air-kissing Venus on Tuesday—AND a balancing quarter moon in Virgo—you could materialize something of value immediately!

Your finances are scheduled for an energy transfusion this Wednesday, and we’re guessing not a moment too soon. For that you can thank hazy Neptune, who’s wrapping up its annual five-month retrograde in Pisces and your second house of money and security. All revenue streams will lead to Rome (AKA your fiscal stability) regardless of whether you increase your income, limit spending or luck into an unexpected windfall. With the planet of confusion and indulgence correcting course, circumstances are poised to change—for the better! Get a handle on your cash flow—your predictable earnings and expenditures—so that if you do get hit by a (surprisingly high) bill, you’ll have a cushion to absorb it. As nebulous Neptune powers forward, it’ll be easier to stick to a budget; some Water Bearers will actually be thrilled to have “rules” to follow for guidance. And if a little end-of-year belt-tightening is in order, don’t resist it. Small sacrifices add up to significant savings, and as that nest egg grows, it can keep you motivated to continue the “austerity” measures. But ease in slowly with some easy cuts, like too many expensive restaurant meals. Then sleuth out all the micro subscriptions you don’t use (or remember signing up for) and call in debts owed to you. As for those luxury splurges that make life worth living, just know your priorities!

On Saturday, as amenable Venus spins into a stagnating opposition to excessive Jupiter, your idea of a healthy work-life balance may require some recalibrating. In theory, you’ve got it all worked out—how much time and energy you can dedicate to any one thing—but in real life, it’s not so accomplished. This isn’t something you can “wish” into being. You might have to have some uncomfortable conversations about new house rules or insisting a coworker carry their weight on an overdue project. Make this your new mantra: No more free passes! And then hold the slackers and shirkers accountable. True, you’ll have to be disciplined to not just do their share anyway. You want to say yes to everything (and everyone), but to get things back on an even keel, you need to invest your energy in activities and people with a significant (to you) ROI.

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