Aries Weekly Horoscope

If you’ve been “too busy” to deal with the bells and whistles, rethink that strategy ASAP. This Tuesday, June 7, the waxing quarter moon in Virgo underscores just how important the details can be. Whether a thoughtfully chosen font or a carefully curated gift, be mindful. The extra energy you put into your selection speaks volumes. This isn’t about achieving perfection, Aries; it’s about adding a personal touch that says, “This matters to me. You matter to me.” Fortunately, you’re no stranger to this art form—when it comes to finding a needle in a haystack, your trendsetting sign is on it!

 Of course, if your schedule really IS so jam-packed that you barely have a moment to breathe, it would behoove you to review your commitments under this balancing quarter moon. With your sixth house of work and wellness getting amplified, you need to manage your stress levels—for your body’s sake! Creating space isn’t just about scaling back your schedule (although you could start there). If you’re running on adrenaline, you may actually be wasting time spinning out, staring at your screen or working in an unproductive way. So how about incorporating meditation and movement back into your routines? A closed-eye meditation that lasts ten minutes could add an hour back into your day since you’ll be far more focused once you’ve cleared the “clutter” out of your head. Take time to set up systems for your workflow, too. Could you do things more efficiently? We’re betting so.

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