Aries Weekly Horoscope

Oct 31, 2022 – Nov 6, 2022 – Sharing might not equal caring this week, Aries, as Venus in Scorpio opposes Uranus in Taurus on Saturday. This stressful aspect could cause some tension in your romantic relationship, especially regarding money matters. You might be considering moving in with someone or taking the next step in a relationship. However, this can mean sharing resources that you wanted to keep to yourself. There could be some potential drama if you start fighting over money and resources.

It also isn’t a great time for friendships when Venus squares Saturn in Aquarius on Sunday. You could realize that the bond you have with a close friend isn’t as strong as you thought. This aspect can bring up feelings of rejection if you’re not fitting in with your current friend group. You might want to go solo for a few days to figure out where you stand.

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